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Learn on your own Today’s organizations face growing complexity and ever-fiercer competition, which has led to rocketing corporate demand for staff training. At the same time, employees themselves need to maintain their employability and take charge of their training. To rise to these new challenges and provide the flexibility needed to meet relevant goals, Halifax has developed one of Europe’s finest collections of training resources, available in six languages, focusing on business development fundamentals for any B2B business developer.


modules on sales, negotiation, sales managment, key account management, customer relations, telesales…


languages available EN, FR, DE, SPA, IT, PT (including some best selling modules available in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai and Greek.)


minutes on average per module with formats ranging from 5 to 45 min maximum


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On demand

Encourage sales staff to pursue online training using tailored content, video examples and highly interactive exercises.

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The Halifax Academy can also be incorporated into any training course for sales teams as part of a blended-learning or mixed approach (combining classroom work with distance learning and mentoring, rolled out in-house through managers or internal instructors, etc.).

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Online self-assessment tools, extra, customizable exercises can be used to build bespoke courses to suit individual needs.

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Global and multilingual

A wide range of languages and localized resources make the Halifax Academy the perfect solution for any international or global project.

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How can e-learning on demand help you?

  • Bring your teams up to speed with the best sales practices using structured methods instead of vague “oral” practice and methods that cannot be modelled.
  • Give your sales management new coaching solutions for individuals and groups so they can focus on the added value they bring to their specific field.
  • Sales forces need to bring on board fresh solutions that incorporate the digital transition to better serve clients, while at the same time “learning to learn” using digital resources.
  • Salespeople on the move often have down time while travelling and waiting for appointments, etc. They can use that time to train while maintaining productivity if they are given the right tools.
  • 40% of conventional training budgets are spent on travel expenses, according to a study by IBM… Not to mention the fact that increased travel means higher CO2 emissions.
  • Your business is increasingly regional, global and multilingual. Give yourself the tools to roll out “glocal” initiatives with global solutions that are tailored to local requirements where necessary.
  • Adopt agile methods and provide the right tools at the right time to people who do not necessarily have access to them or missed out an a previous opportunity.
  • We see a direct correlation between those who use our academy solutions the most and those who are the top performers among our clients. The best always strive to get better! Empower them to do so!
  • Differences in age, career and position also account for discrepancies in getting to grips with new individual learning solutions. Give everyone the opportunity to learn in their own way.