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A little goes a long way “Little and often” (rather than a lot all at once) is a good guideline for life that also applies to learning. Technology now allows us to organize our learning in a way that lets us easily “digest” smaller portions. Our solutions can push content to learners in a timely manner across all devices, including smartphones. Yet although micro-learning is often very useful as a refresher, it is not always suitable for handling dense content. For example, using micro-learning to learn a language can be quite a long process… We will help you make the right choice for you.


solution easily scaled
to fit your content


weeks average
programme length




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No excuse!

Just two minutes of reading, exercises or videos a day.

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Readily available

Anytime, anywhere, any device (ATAWAD), and ideal for smartphones, with an app that can be downloaded at your convenience.

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Easy to customize

A simple solution to build your own programme with custom content.

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Push or pull

You can push content to learners and ensure they put in the work or simply leave them to work through it at their own pace using the app.