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Video learning

Action! Unlock your distance-coaching potential on every level through the power of film! Our video-learning platform lets you provide the best possible testing, training and support for your employees.

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The coach provides the guidance and the salesperson responds via video

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“Asynchronous” coaching means you no longer need to run wrestle with time constraints or struggle to sync your calendar space

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Your managers and in-house trainers take over to deliver a sustainable training solution


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Recording raises the bar

Repetition breeds progression: your employees will make an average of six recordings before sending their answer to the coach.

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A comfortable learning cocoon

Sales representatives can practise their pitches whenever they want, free from the pressures of group work and outside input. The only feedback comes from the coach.

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Feedback quality

The coach will naturally provide feedback, which will be enhanced by different AI systems designed to enable personalized debriefing.

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A bedrock of best practices

If employees agree, the best videos can be made available to the group, providing new employees with instant access to top sales techniques.

How can video learning help you?

  • Compress the coaching time of your local sales managers.
  • Ensure the effective execution of your sales strategies, spanning everything from marketing concepts to “motor skills”.
  • Model the best pitches, deal with objections and draw on real success stories and product demos.
  • Ensure effective pitches for both established and new products or complex solutions.
  • Help teams develop their sales approach and soft skills over time.
  • Enhance performance in all manner of speaking and training situations.