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100% distance-based learning

Time for a change!

Halifax Consulting draws on over 10 years of experience in digital learning to offer you a fresh approach to the way you learn. In a world faced with crises and the environmental challenges, distance learning is no longer a Plan B. However, such approaches require experience. They demand digital solutions able to offer guided, content-packed training courses that are interactive and can deliver measurable results to meet your performance goals. Distance learning is about more than just taking an online class.

We provide distance-based courses spanning two to eight weeks to suit your schedule in groups of six to nine people guided by our consultants. All feature an array of different resources and approaches, including:

  • E-learning packages for sales, negotiation and management, available in six languages
  • Personal coaching
  • Business cases
  • Group workshops
  • Adaptive learning
  • Asynchronous video learning
  • Roleplays
  • Serious games.
  • And more…

Four examples of 100% distance-based learning courses from our best-selling methods

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Discover our three solutions to boost your skills as a business developer
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Discover our three solutions to strengthen your sales negotiation techniques
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Discover our three solutions to develop your leadership skills as a sales manager
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Discover our three solutions to optimize your key account management and relations
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