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Individual training courses

Training: an individual responsibility

Disruptive technology and new competition are driving demand for training around the world. There is a need for reinvention in many different areas of business. Corporate demand for top B2B business developers remains high (Source: US B2B sales, Forrester survey 2015-2020). Whatever the challenges you face, Halifax Consulting can unlock opportunities through individual training courses that combine customized content and group sessions with key certifications and qualifications.

  • Open-course training throughout the year, with a range of distance-learning options.
  • Partnerships with business schools for longer courses leading to qualifications, including the different Halifax methods.
  • A versatile array of online tutoring solutions alternating between self-tuition, distance-learning exercises, guidance from a consultant and even deal-specific coaching with a yearly hour-based subscription.

Why choose Halifax Consulting?

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Consultants who listen to your real needs and help you achieve your goals through tangible, hands-on training underpinned by our hallmark expertise.

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Whatever your needs or the challenges you face, we have the solution, thanks to a hybrid approach combining the full range of learning methods, including open courses, certification, distance-based solutions, tutoring and on-the-job coaching.

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“First is first, second is nowhere.” To seal the deal, you need to be the best. You need to stand out from the crowd. We will go over every detail with you.

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Our approach is based on conveying, cementing and reinforcing lessons learned. Our solutions also enable you to pursue ongoing training at your own pace to ensure greater long-term success and efficiency.

Success story: Medical equipment

A market-leading company in Africa had set an ambitious two-year target for organic growth.

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