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Online tutoring

Online tutoring

Create your own 100% distance-learning programme

Are you aiming to make quick progress without tying up your schedule for several days at a time?
Create your own programme and learn in a more flexible fashion to fit your timetable.

All sales and management programmes are 100% distance-based, including:

  • First-class digital modules on your chosen topic from the Halifax online sales academy.
  • A “Comfort” option ensuring personalised distance-learning support from a Halifax consultant and more.
  • A “Premium” option providing on-the-job coaching to help you with a specific deal to prepare a negotiation, validate a proposal, choose an action plan that will help you take the methods you have learned and turn them into tangible action in your line of work.

Success story: Allianz

Insurance inspectors have traditionally been a key link between customer and company but now see their role transitioning more toward sales and coaching.

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