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Open-course training

Step up your sales by building on other areas of business

To meet your individual training requirements, Halifax Consulting offers inter-company courses that combine distance-learning with classroom-based content. This unique approach draws on years of proven success and empowers you to learn at your own pace while building on the sales experience of other participants from a whole range of different backgrounds and business lines. The goal is to learn with and from others to enhance everyone’s personal scope and skillsets.

  • Targeted learning in small groups, based in Paris.
  • Alternating between self-tuition, group workshops, one-on-one tutoring and workstation-based learning with follow-up.
  • Different course options over time with personal guidance to help you make the right choices.
  • Years of proven Halifax quality and first-rate satisfaction scores.

Our other open-course training programmes

A course focused on winning new customers and prospecting by phone or social media.

A course for business developers dealing with professional services, with a focus on consulting.

A course designed specifically for inside sales and teleprospecting.

The quality of relationships and networking is one of the keys to success in B2B sales in a hyper-connected, competitive world.

Sales are by definition complex because they involve people and interpersonal relations. However, the process is made even more challenging when the stakes are higher, the solutions increasingly high tech, and the decision-making channels sundry and systemic.

Success story: Airbus

To overcome the challenges of the business, Airbus was looking for versatile ways to develop the sales skills of its many different sales teams scattered around the globe.

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