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Manage with THE BOSS METHOD®

Galvanise, guide, manage and coach!

A training course to help sales managers coach and enhance the performance of sales teams.


  • Develop sales performance.
  • Mobilise and rally teams.
  • Foster new practices and mindsets.


  • Simple, operational tools for sales managers
  • A course that combines completely personalised, self-guided adaptive learning with group workshops, remote mentoring and performance assessments.


You are a field/remote sales manager or customer service team manager who needs to overcome transformation challenges and help teams reach their full potential by applying the most effective management methods. You understand that changing habits, processes and attitudes while pooling everyone’s energy is not the kind of thing you can improvise. It requires solid skills.

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  • Learn how to adapt your management style to the people in your team.
  • Know to assess the sales performance of your team.
  • Learn how to handle high-stakes management meetings.
  • Craft an action plan to motivate teams.
  • Combine performance management, monitoring and motivation.
  • Practise day-to-day coaching, support and debriefing
  • Know to implement sales training initiatives.
  • Learn how to structure and impart your project.
  • Find out how to lead dynamic sales meetings.