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Negotiate with THE DEAL METHOD®

Our best-selling programme worldwide: expand and enhance your negotiations

THE DEAL METHOD® is a sales negotiation training programme that draws on blended learning to help salespeople structure and prepare their negotiations with seasoned buyers and improve their ability to close deals and maintain healthy margins.


Accelerate your negotiation experience curve, explore resources used by top negotiators and understand who you are dealing with by drawing on distributive and integrative tactics, structuring and preparing negotiations and mastering the right approach to effectively control the situation.


This training programme takes a clear look at the theme of sales negotiation. Our initial aim is to help you effectively negotiate on your own terms.
We also tackle the implicit goal of giving you the tools to negotiate even (and especially) when the odds seem stacked against you.
The learning method alternates seamlessly between a raft of resources such as videos comparing common mistakes with best practices, in addition to relevant adaptations. Practical application is aided through an exploration of specific examples.
No prerequisites: this programme is open to everyone.


You face significant pricing pressure due to market competition.
The buyers you deal with are increasingly demanding, to the point of being disruptive.
You are aware that controlling the negotiation process is a vital skill you will need if you want to succeed in your field.

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  • Show confidence from the outset.
  • Refrain from confidence without control.
  • Leverage reciprocity ahead of the negotiation.
  • Understand the concept of threshold and “no going back”.
  • Clarify position and goal.
  • Play with interaction: internal, external, vertical and horizontal negotiations.
  • Role-play negotiations in teams and pairs.

Re-establish the balance of power, gauge your Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) and determine that of your counterpart:

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your strengths.
  • Identify and thwart distributive tactics like the “salami” method, “take it or leave it”, “the emergency” and “good cop/bad cop”.
  • React assertively under pressure (tough, aggressive, manipulative clients).
  • Case studies
  • .

  • Practise with the trainer.
  • Clarify your negotiation goal and strategy.
  • Evaluate zones of possible agreement (ZOPA) by determining what you want in return for concessions.
  • Set limits: prepare for the worst and aim for the best.
  • Put your emotions on hold before entering into a negotiation.
  • Brainstorm for ongoing deals in teams.
  • Know when and how to state your initial position.
  • Handle three negotiations at once: Who, How and What.
  • Slow things down and stack the cards in your favour to eke out concessions.
  • Learn how to react when the other person goes too far.
  • Know how to show (rather than say) the negotiation is over.
  • Know where to draw the line.
  • Ensure you’ve got a good DEAL.
  • Pursue intensive training.

Five digital learning modules including hands-on exercises and videos to help you go deeper and work on preparing and conducting negotiations. Available for eight weeks. The blended format lets you get the most out of your intensive training time.