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Stand out from the crowd

THE LEAD METHOD® is an advanced blended-learning training programme that helps salespeople better leverage their differentiating qualities, expertise and professionalism. This specific sales course will also help you improve conversion indicators from your sales meetings.


Develop sales performance, secure effective meetings with very-busy clients and leverage your persuasive powers to close the deal.


This method is applied to participants’ specific, individual cases, ensuring they leave the programme with tried-and-tested tools they can use to prepare their next key meeting. On completion of the programme, trainees will continue to work with their tutor remotely via the video learning platform.


  • You are a salesperson or business developer working in a highly competitive market
  • You want to “level up” your sales skills.
  • You are interested in a content-packed training course.
Satisfaction rate
94 %



19 hours
Distance learning (4 hrs) / Face-to-face (2 days) / Distance learning with tutor (1 hr)


  • Video-learning: access to five LEAD® modules for eight weeks.
  • One hour of individual follow-up and ongoing feedback via the video platform.
  • “Vendre aux clients difficiles” (Dunod edition).


  • Choose the right positioning.
  • Set yourself apart from the outset using a different approach from that of your competitors.
  • “Condition yourself” to establish an equal footing.
  • Make your own pitch: demonstrating your professionalism from the get-go.
  • Answer the questions your client doesn’t dare put into words.
  • Work with each trainee on their individual positioning.
  • Craft a strategy to conduct effective talks and explore areas in which you can work together.
  • Break down answers to identify objective and subjective needs.
  • Apply meta-programmes to specific sales situations.
  • Have everyone draw up a line of questioning to use in their next key meeting.
  • Understand key leverage: the paths leading to a decision.
  • The most effective oratorical techniques to win over the most “blasé” clients.
  • The benefits of unexpected approaches and the virtue of simplicity.
  • Transposition and training on priority proposals.
  • List objections encountered every day by participants.
  • Explore an effective way to reply without arrogance or weakness.
  • Transposition and training on the list of objections of each participant.
  • Limit “negotiation” risks through reassuring presentation of prices and terms.
  • Prepare to present prices throughout the sale cycle.
  • Explore ways to make your pricing policy more credible.
  • Deal with specific objections to prices and conditions.
  • Focus on each of the factors favouring an effective presentation of sales terms and prices.
  • Choose the right positioning.
  • Set yourself apart from the outset using a different approach from that of your competitors.
  • How to transition out of the “consulting” phase to seal the deal.
  • Use a few “boosters” to secure the win.
  • Learn how to push past a “no”.
  • Transposition and training on the specific situations encountered by each participant.
  • Five video-learning modules including hands-on exercises and videos to help you go deeper and put the LEAD METHOD® into practice. Available for eight weeks. The blended format lets you get the most of of your intensive training time.