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Inside sales

Inside sales

The growing importance of inside sales and teleprospecting teams

The impact of business automation and digitisation has led many B2B companies to review their distance-selling model and their relationship with clients. This might involve changes such as reassigning back-office teams to positions that bring more added value, segmenting packaged solutions to better target needs remotely, or helping complex sales teams better identify and qualify leads. All of these challenges require steps to enhance relevant skillsets.


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Step up team integration

Find versatile, flexible solutions when needed.

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Hone sales reflexes

Enhance capabilities to generate extra value and tune into client needs.

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Learn how to negotiate remotely

Avoid constant follow-up by improving engagement.

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Measure progress

Involve management in shaping sales skills.

Success story: Nexans

Nexans was aiming to take advantage of the lack of players in the Chilean market to quickly boost market penetration for Freetox-Flex cables.

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