Help you build or transform your sales school

The needs for developing the skills of salespeople are multiple and affect both business knowledge and your internal processes. Behavioral and methodological knowledge, but also the soft skills and posture of your salespeople. For these reasons, many of our clients invest in the creation of their own sales school or “sales university” in international environments & ask us for assistance.

Our expertise for more than 20 years in the coaching and training of sales forces, but also in technologies related to learning, allow us to guide you in your needs and expectations in order to make you fully operational and autonomous in the training courses you wish to set up within your company.


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100% sales professionals

Whatever your focus (product, tool or process), our consultants can help your sales teams turn any situation to their advantage.

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30% less classroom time

We offer solutions that empower you to roll out programs for your salespeople that require much less classroom time than conventional approaches, along with a better rate of retention and acquisition.

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20% increase in retention rate

Around 30% of salespeople do not know enough about their products to pitch them properly and close deals alone… We provide the tools needed to continually embed and reinforce knowledge.

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100% self-sufficiency

We will support your teams in everything from product marketing and tech support to the pursuit of sales excellence and development of in-house trainers, giving you the self-sufficiency needed to maintain your upward momentum.

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