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A progressive methodology

Sales departments face significant challenges in the shape of new market developments like increased competition, disruptive business models and better-informed buyers. Consequently, clients are seeking new ways to support their sales teams by streamlining their processes, stepping up recruitment, developing sales skills and management, and offering ongoing training. All of these areas now underpin companies’ overall performance. We rise to each and every one of these challenges through an overarching, flexible, progressive approach.

By becoming a certified consultant and expert in our programs, you…

  • Increase your hourly rate, generating additional billable hours through our training and coaching programs.
  • Improve your customers’ performance by targeting them more effectively and developing longer-lasting relationships.
  • Generate new customers in new sectors thanks to our customer references.
  • Access a wide range of differentiated sales training programs.
  • Use simple, modern tools to broaden your offer with improved approaches.
  • Generate additional revenue by selling programs and licenses.
  • Sell more volume with international deployments from all our offices worldwide, in local cultures and languages.

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