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Serious Game

Play, negotiate and improve A serious game is an immersive educational video game that plunges learners into a fictitious world that lets them experience four scenarios and hone their skills by dealing with four different types of negotiator. Serious games are a fun way to optimize concentration and retention by providing immediate feedback every step of the way.

4 x 15

action-packed minutes!


languages available : EN, FR, SPA, DE, IT, CHI


guided review of choices made and clarification of correct decisions


icone benefices

Immersion and constant feedback

Empower people to learn through gamification.

icone benefices

Challenge and progression

Realistic scenarios, fast-paced dialogue and a level of content that surprises and challenges players.

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How can a serious game help you?

  • Crunch data to track progress.
  • Gain an effective resource to boost sales.
  • Quickly hone the right reflexes for sales negotiations.
  • Easy immersion for all types of company employees.
  • Game-based focus on improving all aspects of negotiations with clients, both inside and outside the company.
  • Several learning scenarios.
  • Embed best practices and avoid poor alternatives.
  • Play to perform.
  • Enhance information retention.
  • Simulate meetings with tough customers.
  • Valid for all types of LMS.
  • Very high level of engagement.