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Halifax digital learning courses provide a full array of cutting-edge solutions to boost your skills in sales and sales management. We don’t all learn in the same way, which is why Halifax incorporates the latest AI technology to personalize training programmes and enhance the learning experience.


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Benefits of Digital Learning Train more, train faster, train cost-effectively

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Adapting to the specific needs of learners

We empower people to shape their own learning experience and progress at their own pace.

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Improved retention rate

Digital learning boosts the ability to retain information by as much as 170%.

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Tailored tools

We provide individual KPI to accurately track skills development.

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Endless combinations and flexibility

Our modular solutions and resources let you adapt and create the right mix to match your needs.

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Instant results

Digital learning resources give you real-time feedback to gauge the effectiveness of your initiatives.

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Reduced costs and sustainable development

Logistics and travel expenses can swallow up to 40% of conventional training budgets. With distance learning, those costs drop to zero. Cutting travel time also lets you curb CO2 emissions to support sustainable development.

How can Halifax digital learning solutions help you?

  • Access a multilingual library of e-learning materials for sales and management.
  • Hire the best sales teams.
  • Ensure your people have a flawless grasp of tech specs, products and business lines to make the best possible pitches.
  • Give managers asynchronous, distance-learning resources for training and coaching.
  • Compile individual training plans based on relevant skills.
  • Offer your employees online training courses fully tailored to their specific needs.
  • Introduce long-term coaching and training solutions that will empower your managers and in-house instructors.
  • Significantly improve the length and impact of your onboarding and integration programmes for sales managers and sales teams.
  • Hone your skills in sales, negotiations, key account management and sales management as efficiently as possible.
  • Obtain the equivalent of a master’s degree in key account management from a leading business school.
  • Use a continuing professional development programme (e.g. CPF in France) towards one of our three courses leading to qualifications:
    • B2B Senior Sales Representative.
    • KAM Senior Sales Representative.
    • B2B Sales and Negotiation Techniques.
  • Benefit from a fully online, fast-track, advanced course complete with guidance and tailored content focusing on a specific topic, such as prospecting, sales, negotiation, business development for key accounts and sales management techniques.
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