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Assessing sales teams and managers

We help you target the right sales talent for your company

When recruiting your sales teams, streamlining your sales department and bringing their skills up to speed, it can be helpful to conduct an in-depth, objective assessment of the profiles and skills of sales representatives and managers. We draw on extensive insight into the art of sales to offer a multifaceted approach to evaluations based on 3 complementary components:

  • ATMAN psychometric tests, developed in partnership with the University of Montreal, to measure the potential and profiles of salespeople.
  • A self-assessment platform to gauge skills, which can be adapted to the specific profiles of your sales teams to determine individual perceptions in relation to required capabilities.
  • An array of roleplaying games and business cases that allow us to observe effective skills in action.

We also go to great lengths to debrief everyone tested, which is always an enlightening experience for everyone involved.


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Threefold focus

People’s individual sales profiles are multifaceted and hard to define. We use a three-part approach based on psychometric testing, skills observation and self-assessment to compile a detailed breakdown of each salesperson’s profile and development needs.

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Hands-on expertise

Our assessment methods are custom-made to profile sales teams and managers. Test results are reviewed by specialist consultants with first-hand experience in the field.

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100% distance-based

Our psychometric tests and self-assessments can all be carried out remotely, with roleplaying games and business-case analyses conducted online, by phone or via videoconferencing.

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We pair our sales expertise with cutting-edge resources including job fits, psychometric tests, self-assessments and custom roleplays to enable accurate assessments of people with specific profiles.

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