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As early as 1885, Ebbinghauss showed that nearly 80% of what we learn today will be forgotten within a week if there is no specific attempt to retain it and bolster our memory. Our reinforcement solutions are among the most highly regarded in today’s market environment, empowering you to radically improve long-term retention. They use scientifically proven algorithms tested during a three-year study at Harvard Medical School.


average spontaneous usage rate among learners, thanks to a user-friendly mobile app, emulation and the low time commitment


minutes a day, reinforcing learning quickly and regularly for around six weeks


users worldwide

Benefits of reinforcement solutions

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Extremely easy to build challenges around key content that you want your teams to retain.

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The solution does far more than provide a snapshot. It is a process that allows you to ensure and measure progress in comprehension and retention.

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There are areas in which you want to make sure 100% of your employees take on board 100% of what they need to know.

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No excuses!

There is no reason to skip learning reinforcement challenges due to “lack of time”. Simplicity makes the solution incredibly effective.

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