Develop your strategic key accounts

A program for successful Key Account Managers – give your company the means to achieve its ambitions!

As part of our Key Account Management Club in France, Halifax Consulting is a partner of SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association).

A changing era

In a competitive and uncertain world, your company is looking to optimize all means to achieve its business objectives. The status quo is no longer an option. A successful Key Account program is a prerequisite in B2B to super-perform in organic sales growth.


On average, key account programs generate growth that is at least double the average growth of the company.

Mature key account programs generate on average at least 21% more margin than standard programs.

73% of companies with a key account program report a significant increase in customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer is your best indicator of growth.

International Expertise in Key Account Programs

Halifax Consulting developed an international center of expertise on Key Account Programs, both in terms of segmentation, management processes, management tools and sales and leadership skills.

Establishing, identifying and developing strong trusting relationships with your key customers and partners is a difficult exercise but has two positive consequences: your strategic customers feel that they are treated with respect and engage in new business conversations. Your key account managers or KAMs are no longer perceived as “mere” salespeople, internally or externally. Instead, they are seen as strategic partners in their customers’ performance, as “business advisors”, which also generates new business opportunities.

4 cases where a KAM Program is absolutely key

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You have very ‘high potential’ customers

Don’t just think in terms of the volume of business generated by a customer. Identify the ‘high potential’ of customers who are not yet mature. The KAM program allows you to develop a privileged and lasting relationship with these customers.

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You have customer loyalty issues

It has been proven that acquiring new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing ones. Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by 25-95%. Yet only 18% of companies have a customer retention strategy and process. With a Key Account Program, you can change that today, especially with the most important ones!

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You have opinion leaders among your customers

With a KAM program, you develop or strengthen your relationships with these opinion leaders. You actively contribute to their performance. The value created for these leaders, visible to the market, gives you the necessary legitimacy to access all the players in this market.

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You are an innovative company

A Key Account Program helps you convince your customers of the difference your innovations make. Selling innovation makes selling more complex, because of the necessary dimension of accompanying your customers’ organization through change.

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