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Optimizing sales performance

Execute effectively before you train and manage

Successful sales execution is one of our clients’ core concerns and covers a raft of issues that includes:

  • Company structure.
  • Staff profiles.
  • Employee skills.
  • Sales, KAM and sales-management processes.
  • Tools available to teams in addition to CRM resources, with the soaring success of sales acceleration software.

Our consultants have extensive operational experience and will provide specific, straightforward, structured support, empowering you to affect your sales transformation:

  • Sales organization charts.
  • Job fits.
  • Size of sales forces.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Team skills: prospecting, inside sales, negotiations and sales management.
  • Management processes and routines, sales processes including prospecting, development and more.
  • Available resources (digital or otherwise).


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100% operational

Our consultants are former sales executives with a wealth of hands-on experience and plenty of practical wisdom to share. Our solutions are simple and effective.

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The same team, from start to finish

You’ll work with the same team from initial build-up through to skills development and support in rolling out relevant solutions.

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Effective sales

We make sure the solutions we develop and deploy get you the results you need. The outcome is the only metric by which we judge our performance. These results can be measured in a variety of ways, using indicators such as order intake, margin, hit rate, pipeline size and quality, and client satisfaction.

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The perfect fit

We don’t deal in cookie-cutter solutions loosely based on some ethereal, ideal scenario for sales. Instead, we build on our frontline experience, consulting expertise and solid methodology to hone in on different aspects of the job, working with you to shape a simple, effective organization in line with your business strategy and corporate culture.

Discover our VENTURI solution, a complete platform that focuses the energy of your sales teams through optimal and structured strategic customer management.
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