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Adaptive Learning

Every brain is different

Training courses have always been built around classes and groups in an attempt to make things more efficient. Yet we all know you cannot beat a tailored, individual approach, because everyone’s brain is different. That’s why, at Halifax, we quickly turned to adaptive-learning approaches, empowering people to learn at their own pace in line with personal preferences. We use one of the best systems available today, based on groundbreaking Danish technology.


average reduction in learning time compared with conventional e-learning approaches

20 million

users worldwide

20 years

of research combining neuroscience and artificial intelligence


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A bespoke learning experience

An e-learning course tailored to individual needs, suitable for large-scale deployment.

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A holistic view of training

Our solution gives both trainees and site administrators high-impact, in-depth data to track skills acquisition.

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A range of available resources

Boost manager involvement with specific indicators enabling personalized coaching and follow-up, along with accurate assessment of skills acquired.

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Custom content

Whether you’re aiming to enhance the impact of your e-learning courses, have modules that are tough to roll out, need to implement frequent updates, want to incorporate certification or are facing other challenges, Halifax will help you build your own modules and empower you to move forward alone.

To find out more about Adaptive Learning…
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The Halifax Consulting Boss® method of adaptive learning

Halifax Consulting’s BOSS® method is a four-part module that unlocks key sales-management skills through the power of adaptive learning:

  • Effectively assess your team based on profiles, performance ratios and skills breakdowns for individuals and groups.
  • Organise follow-up with a focus on praise, delegation, remotivation and disciplinary action.
  • Foster progress on the ground through skills development, frontline support and debriefing methods.
  • Galvanise the team with group meetings, campaign focuses and workshops.