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The training you need to help you grow

Halifax Consulting will meet your individual training preferences with bespoke resources designed to boost your skills development in sales, management, key account management and negotiation. Whether you are already in the job, looking to change career or moving into a sales-related field, you will find tailored training to suit your needs, along with courses leading to certification.

This includes:

  • Custom programmes covering sales, negotiation, management, KAM and client relations.
  • Courses delivering qualifications for salespeople, B2B representatives, key account managers and sales managers.
  • Exclusive Halifax methods to enhance sales performance: sell with the LEAD® method, negotiate with the DEAL® method, manage with the BOSS® method, and handle key accounts with the PAC$® method.

Halifax Consulting can also provide international training programmes in the language of your choice through our network of offices and on-the-ground expertise.


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best-selling training programmes on sales excellence

Halifax Consulting best-sellers

The LEAD Method® is an advanced blended-learning training programme that helps salespeople better leverage their differentiating qualities, expertise and professionalism. This specific sales course will also help you improve conversion indicators from your sales meetings.
The DEAL Method® is a sales negotiation training programme that draws on blended learning to help salespeople structure and prepare their negotiations with seasoned buyers and improve their ability to close deals and maintain healthy margins.
The BOSS Method® is a training course to help sales managers coach and enhance the performance of sales teams.
The PAC$ Method® is a highly effective blended-learning programme, providing an advanced training course to help salespeople better leverage their differentiating qualities, expertise and professionalism.

Success story: Air Liquide

Air Liquide Industrie was aiming to level up all sales teams on the technical aspects of sales and negotiations, with the help of coaching from team managers

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