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Dassault Systèmes


Dassault Systèmes is a market leader with a global network of distributors, which the company helps enhance sales and implement its tech solutions. To accelerate growth, Dassault Systèmes also relies on the support of a highly skilled telesales force. Due to the different sizes and geographic spread of its distributors, the company needed training programmes that would have an immediate impact and would be easy to roll out despite organizational challenges.


of training through supervised distance learning


salespeople trained in each group


continents covered by the campaign

The Halifax Consulting Solution

Following successful in-house trials, a pilot scheme was set up for a key distributor in France. Feedback from the participants and managers who took part encouraged the company to roll out the programme on an industrial scale, starting with South Korea and a number of countries in Asia.

Keys to success

  • Tailored training.
  • Modular resources enabling a more agile global roll-out.
  • Constant guidance throughout the project.

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