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Insurance inspectors have traditionally been a key liaison between customer and company. However, the digitisation of a wide array of tasks has seen their role transition more toward sales and coaching and away from inspections alone. At the same time, the role of in-house trainers as technicians and specialists has also evolved as use of digital training resources has grown.


inspectors trained


in-house coaches trained


“classroom-based” training days avoided

The Halifax Consulting Solution

The inspectors were “coached” to help them become coaches themselves and mentally adapt to their new responsibilities. This involved first coaching in-house trainers for six months, who were then tasked with coaching the inspectors. After initial trials proved successful, the company opted to roll out the initiative nationwide.

Keys to success

  • Creation of a training centre for instructors with a raft of teaching materials and methods adapted to very specific situations encountered in the field.
  • The versatile solution was well suited to the itinerant nature of inspectors’ work schedules.

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